Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mostly complete

So it's been a while since my last post, and work has mostly finished on the extension. We just need to have the electrics finished and the kitchen fitted, which *fingers crossed* should be happening next week (alongside the birth of our baby - who is currently late and being threatened with induction)

The underfloor heating finally works after many problems, in the end we had to have a sealed system. Now I don't entirely understand the mechanics of it all but it means that our underfloor heating is controlled separately to our central heating everywhere else in the house and hot water. 

The kitchen and appliances have all arrived and are awaiting installation, and the lounge can be put back together again today so it really feels like the end is very close.

Here are some pics of the progress, and possibly a video if I can get it to load. Given that I will be having a baby next week I may not blog for a while, but rest assured the next post will have a finished kitchen in it! However I think we may have to wait for the tiling, as inevitably a the budget has taken a bit of a bashing and we have had to stretch ourselves to reach this stage.

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