Monday, 21 July 2014

The a hole in my wall...Delilah a hole...

Things have been progressing on the inside since I last blogged, insulated plaster boarding is done and  is currently being skimmed. The window in the kitchen has been blocked in and will be bricked from the other side as we intend to keep the back wall as brick, and we are half broken through into the lounge which is super exciting!

The rendering is not quite complete yet on the outside as we decided that the inside needed to be moved forward because of the impending birth of our baby, but there's a lovely smooth coat at the bottom and I am confident that the rest is going to look beautiful.

For the rest of this week the ceiling will be plastered tomorrow and the insulation will be put down ready for the plumber to start laying the underfloor heating. The floor screed will be going down on Friday so that it can dry over the weekend. I think the outside work will resume while this is going on. 

Here's some pictures of progress:

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