Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wave of destruction...

So work has finally started and it is a bit like Armageddon at our little house at the moment, inside is thankfully still the same as usual (for now), however the outside is a different story. However my husband tells me that it will get worse before it gets better - hooray! (sob). This is the carnage we came home to yesterday just from digging up the patio, the actual digging of foundations and uncovering of drainage runs starts today..

Here are some progress pics..

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nursery and anticipation

So since my last post we hit a bit of a snag in that we had to get a party wall agreement in place before work on the groundworks of the extension could start, this is because we need to dig deeper than the foundations of the house within 3 metres of the party wall boundary. All very irritating however, all things being well (fingers crossed just in case) work is starting on Tuesday next week (Woohoo!) and apparently will take 6 weeks to being a completed shell with first fix plumbing and electric - eek! I will update on progress as that goes on, theres not really much to take pics of yet!

However work on the nursery has been in full force, and is very nearly there, bar a few little bits and pieces that I plan the craft whilst I am on maternity leave waiting for our daughter to make her appearance :) So I thought I would share the pics of what we have achieved so far, we are really pleased with it.

Before 1

Before 2

Now 1

Now 2

Now 3

Now 4