Monday, 23 September 2013

Renovation - good for the soul, not good for your nails...

 So its been a busy week/ weekend in the flat, but i can safely and proudly say that after many very late nights and a fair amount of swearing, the tiling is finished and grouted!! Hurrah!

 Unfortunately dark grey grout does little for your nails, you will be pleased to know that in lieu of payment I am demanding a pretty intense manicure once all the work is completed!
 So we painted most of the walls too, and this have fixed the skirting to the main wall as you come in. We still need to said and smooth the big wall before we  can paint it.
 So the sliding shelf and the plinths should be going on this week - its possible that some of it will be there when I get home from work - exciting!! I can't believe its nearly finished. So here are some pictured of what its looking like so far, once the shelves are in and its all dressed properly there will be more.

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