Thursday, 12 September 2013

Clock is ticking

So I haven't posted in a while, but that because things are moving so fast that by the time I take photos everything has changed, but I thought I would put up some progress photos, even though they are out of date..
 We are currently in the process of tiling the floor, it's now more finished than this but we still need to tile inside the utility cupboard, we will do this this weekend and grout it and I will take more pictures.

Meanwhile the cupboard doors are all on, though there are some missing in these pictures, once again I will take more pictures at the weekend.

We are still waiting for the sliding shelf to go in, and once we have grouted the floor the plinths can be fitted. We are also going to paint the walls this weekend ( a lot to get through!)

Also completed is the back room, apart from finishing the door frame and the window sill, the carpet is now in and the furniture is all put back, I am yet to take pictures (once again!)

All busy busy busy in the flat! All this and only 6 weeks now till the move down to the little house so we can start on that (bet you had forgotten about that hadn't you?!)....

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