Monday, 12 August 2013

Still going..

What an exciting week it has been! As of Wednesday our kitchen has begun its transformation and by the end of Friday it was looking something a little like this...

 Obviously still some way to go but its taking shape and its very exciting to come home from work each day to see the progress.

As all this has been going on indoors, we have been trying to concentrate on finishing the garden which I am proud to say is very nearly finished - just a bit of weeding and planting to do and maybe sort out all the lumps and bumps in the grass. We took a delivery of the largest bag of gravel in the world on Saturday morning and so we were able to finish the steps that we built with the sleepers last weekend. They now look something like this...

We also managed to put the bricks that we salvaged from a skip (along with our neighbour) to good use and built the outline of the path..
So the bit of the garden that once looked like this..
 Went to this..

 and now looks likes this :)
So we are feeling pretty pleased with our little garden now and are very much looking forward to seeing how the kitchen progresses....I will of course keep you up to date.

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