Monday, 5 August 2013

Go go instant garden...sort of

Well what more could i ask more after a busy weekend in the garden than the current shower of rain that is christening my newly planted back border? Excellent (although I am not looking forward to traveling home in it mind...)

This weekend we continued to install the sleepers that were delivered last week, and I can categorically say that even though gardening is supposed to 'keep you young' we both felt incredibly old and broken by the end of it! There still a bit more to go with a path, removal of some rubble and doing something about the lumps and bumps in the grass, but for the most part it is done. Big tick off the list - HOORAY!!

Here are some pictures (hoping to get an aerial view from the neighbors soon).

The back of the flat looked like this

 With the addition of some stepped areas (which still need to be filled with gravel to finish them off) it now looks like this

The back of the garden which you will remember from last week now has plants in it looks like this

 and the side which did look like this

now looks like this

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