Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Moats, mounds and lots of digging..

So we are now a week into the extension and because of various things - namely building control inspectors who don't know current regulations or even what those regulations are based on (are you sending my tension?) we are a day and half behind. However we now have something a kin to a moat in our back garden, and a bridge over a mound in order to enter our house (not particularly ideal when your 7 months pregnant but hey ho) Apparently - weather depending - the concrete foundations are due to be poured today, and the 'mound' is due to be collected tomorrow, with the new pipes to fix our problem with the drains - i.e. we have 2 public sewers that will be under our extension, so hopefully by the end of the week we should have everything in the ground that we need to and next week (the start of my maternity leave) we can start coming up out of the ground - exciting!

Took some pictures last night to show progress, there is one of my husband standing in the hole to demonstrate how deep the foundations are. The area is quite big so i was not able to get the whole of it in one photo from an upstairs window, so there are 2, but you get the idea...

waist height foundations...the cat isn't really sure what on earth we are up to with all these new holes..

that diggers not coming out till the foundations are in...

make shift bridge


left hand side of the 'moat'

right hand side of the 'moat'

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