Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Moving on

Well the time is nearly upon us....a week and a half till move day - yikes! and the packing is in full swing!

The good news is that within 24 hours of the flat being listed for rent, we have just agreed to let to some really lovely tenants who we think will love the place as much as we do. Just thought I would share the finished pictures with you so we can draw a line under the south-east london flat and look forward to starting the house...

Looking at the kitchen pictures now, I am going to find parting with it very difficult indeed. I just want to thank my clever neighbours for all their hard work at the beauty and ingeniousness of it is down to their ability to take an idea and transform it into something wonderful and I am so glad that we were able to create it, even if I do have to leave it behind (sob). I just have to keep it in mind that we will be putting in a lovely kitchen in the house....keep saying over and over like a mantra...

With regards to the house we are surging on with the detailed drawings and have our builder lined up and raring to go. Unfortunately there are some man hole covers under the extension that we will now need to get permission from the Environment Agency to build over and will probably have to provide side rodding access, which will take a couple of weeks and be an extra cost, but once that is done we are full steam ahead!!

Now...need to get on with that packing!!

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