Monday, 22 July 2013


So this weekend we decanted all the kitchen into the lounge so we could remove the cupboards and make the channels for the new sockets and breaker switch to go in. We have fashioned a sort of army kitchen, which is not very convenient but not totally awful (mostly because we have left the oven in place and the sink unit for now - no washing up in the bath just yet!), it feels a bit like being on holiday being able to make a cup of tea in our lounge - obviously is you are used to living open plan, this won't seem so novel of course.

The actual destruction of the original kitchen did not take very long to do, and now the room looks like this: (please excuse the dustyness, the photos were take just after the husband has finished angle grinding the channels in the wall so the air is still thick with brick dust - yuck more cleaning)
 The back wall where the tall cupboards used to be (please see previous post)
The side wall where there used to be a storage heater and table with a small shelf (please see previous post)

So now we await the new kitchen which is being made as I type! Thought I would show you the colour scheme.

So Oak worktops, shelves and kick boards
 Light grey top cupboards (matt finish)
 Darker grey bottom cupboards (matt finish)
with gloss white flat metro tiles and grey grouting. We are still a little undecided on the floor so I will give you that up date when we have made the final decision!

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