Tuesday, 18 June 2013


So our good news about the planning consent at Arthur Road has given us a new wave of motivation to power on in South East London to get the flat finished to enjoy it a little before moving. With that in mind we are anticipating the start of the kitchen refurb and have been busy this past weekend preparing for the plumber who (as I type) is redirecting the water pipes and making new connections for the washing machine in our little utility cupboard - not sure I have ever been this excited about plumbing...

So I though I would post a few pictures of what we got up to at the weekend in preparation of the new kitchen (eeeek!)

As you can see the pipes currently come down the wall, these will be in the way of our lovely sliding shelves/ secret door so need to be redirected up into the ceiling (where my lovely husband has started to cut) into the room behind him (which is our newly created utility cupboard), down the wall to service the washing machine, and then back through under the level of the work surface to service the sink and dishwasher.

A word to the wise when taking down a ceiling that has been up for a long time (in this case the 1940's), the crap that falls out on you is truely disgusting so masks, goggles and clothing that basically covers you up is recommended - trust me!

We then decided to that since we had already made a massive mess, we should destroy the small wall next to the (retro) cooker and take the tiles off that wall as it will be painted in the end (the cooker is coming out and there will be an electric oven and hob at the other end. The amusing this was that the tiles seemed to be stuck to each other stronger then the wall and so mostly came off in great sheets which was in equal parts satisfying and strange.

 Heres what it currently looks like

Once the plumber has finished today, we hope to be able to finish the utility cupboard this week. Stand by for pictures!

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