Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Plan

So.. given that we have some time before any renovations can start I thought I would show you roughly what we are planning to do. Helpfully my husband is a registered Architect so getting our ideas down on paper isn't too stressful.

Below you can see the existing and proposed plans for the new extension.

We currently have an outhouse that was built by a previous owner, we toyed with ideas of knocking this down, but this seemed a shame as its a large space and already has electrics and drainage; so we have decided to work it into the design by leaving a gap between the extension and the outhouse and over-cladding the outhouse creating a hidden gate, to house the water butts and other garden things that don't need to be inside. We want the cladding to look something like this where the windows are over clad (horrid UPVC) in the same way so you can only really see them when the light is on inside - this image is the closest I could get but i will put the model up at some point. We will change the UPVC door to match the aluminum doors on the extension therefore creating a lovely little courtyard area.
Given that the front of the house is North facing and has a big tree in front of it the natural light level from that side are not the best. So in order to avoid loosing the south facing natural light we have justified our decision to keep the outhouse by adding lots of roof lights and big bi-fold doors. The extension will be a smooth render, with the rest of the house to be re-rendered at the same time. We are thinking to stick with the off-white or perhaps a very light grey.

As you can see these are just the planning application drawings, however once the model has been finalized I will be putting this on too, so you can see better what we intend.

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